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  • With your spouse?
  • With your kids or siblings?
  • With your peers or co-workers?
  • With food?
  • With yourself?

I am…

When completing this sentence, does it reflect who you are or how you feel about yourself?  Or rather, does it reflect …

  • Other people’s opinions about you?
  • A generic character flaw?
  • Only what you have achieved or what you can do?
  • What you look like?

If you struggle with finishing this sentence and are wanting to make changes, perhaps together we can discover an ending to this sentence which reflects your potential for growth, change, creativity, balance, and fulfillment in the important relationships in your life.  If you would like more information or would like to schedule an appointment, give me a call at (208) 947-0608 or email  krysmiley@boise-counselor.com.